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What our Customers Say

Islay Taxis consists of a lovely group of people who provide excellent service. My husband and I were unable to transport our car via the ferry for our brief trip to Islay in August and wound up relying exclusively on them for our trips around the island. We couldn’t have been in better hands, though! From Charlie, who may have taught me how to say something cheeky in Gaelic – I’m still not 100% sure, to Stuart, who seemed genuinely upset on our behalf that we were unable to bring our car over and worked out a feasible (and affordable) itinerary for us based on the points of interest we wanted to see, to the amazing Freddie who drove us around for the better part of the day and told us so much more about the Islay than we would have known if we had driven ourselves, to Neal and Isabel who were both very helpful – everyone we interacted with was wonderful and professional. We were actually very glad in hindsight that we were unable to bring our car over – our trip was so much better having had the opportunity to chat with all of them. If we’re ever back on Islay, we’ll definitely be contacting Islay Minibus and Taxis Hire again!

Danielle Williams

While on vacation (in an absolutely soaking rain), my friends and I found ourselves in need of a taxi to get from Lagavulin to the Islay Woolen Mills and then our ferry port of departure. Lagavulin was kind enough to call a taxi van for us, and it happened to be Islay Taxis. The service we received from Freddie was phenomenal – friendly, accommodating (he even called the mill ahead of time to make sure they could show us around), and informative – he gave us some lively background on our surroundings and Islay itself, all of which went above and beyond what one usually expects out of a taxi ride. If we ever find ourselves back in Islay and in need of a lift, we’ll know who to call!

Lauren Lilyestrom